Lindy On the Oregon Trail

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WELCOME TO MY LITTLE SPOT TO TELL YOU ABOUT ONE OF MY BOOKS,LINDY ON THE OREGON TRAIL  (Best seller lists Top 100 IN Religious historical for nine weeks. Top 100 In children's historical fiction for eleven weeks and counting!)

BLURB FROM AMAZONSpring 1847. Jeff and Sarah Sanders have left their comfortable home in Missouri. The Sanders family and five other families in the community are headed west on the Oregon Trail. You'll get to know them all,but especially thirteen year old Lindy Sanders who learns some hard lessons on the journey. When all is said and done,it's family that really matters.

If you like books like Little House On the Prairie, Anne of Greene Gables, and similar series, you'll probably like LINDY ON THE OREGON TRAIL, book one in the Oregon series. The book can stand alone,and  you will not need to read the next book, but I hope you do!AGES 11 and  UP. (Book two will be released in May 2013)

 WOULD YOU LIKE TO TAKE A PEEK,OR EVEN  READ A FEW CHAPTERS? Click the link and check it out! Thanks for visiting my page!

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